We are proud to say that all aspects of our work are fully guaranteed. We have been involved in household maintenance for 25 years having first gained qualifications in building technology. We decided to specialize in bathrooms and kitchens 9 years ago. Over the years we have learned many trades, which now qualifies us to offer a one stop shop service.

We plaster, tile, floors and walls, most plumbing, shower pumps, towel rails etc. We fit all types and makes of kit, Illuminated mirrors, under floor heating, wet rooms. By doing all of the work ourselves there is never a time when you are waiting for the next trade to come in.

Here are the two other big advantages we offer. SAVINGS - because I let you select where you buy your kit from, you can take advantage of the competitive offers out there. Buy online, wait for the sales, get the discounts offered by the likes of Bathstore of up to 50%. Tiles at discount prices on end of lines. Because you purchase the kit I remain under the VAT thresh hold so you don't get charged VAT on the labour and kit Saving you another 20%. You are on a win win situation.

We cover all of East Sussex, South Kent and parts of West Sussex.

I will be pleased to come and discuss your thoughts and needs, offer advice on what is possible and what is not and maybe find cheaper solutions to problems, all free of charge. I never try to sway your choice of supplier, colour schemes, or quality of your goods. Once you have made a final decision on your kit I will return for a final review, give you a firm price and terms and conditions.

If I am fortunate enough to get the job I give you a Start and Finish date, then call you one week prior to starting just as a reminder.

Think about it, why would you want to go any where else?


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